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Footprints South Africa

              Ruth and preschoolers

Ruth and Barney Tuttle live and work in Footprints South Africa with their son, Joshua. Footprints, situated an hour's drive from Johannesburg, shares the values of Iris Ministries Global. "Footprints is not a children's home, it is a home with many children." says Pastor Yolanda Steed-Zafi, director of Footprints. Life at Footprints is based on expecting miracles daily and experiencing opportunity to see how God's love restores and heals the poor, lonely and brokenhearted. 

walkFootprints is a place where children can experience childhood as well as the love, care, mercy and trust of the Lord.

White squatter campThe Footprints team also minister to people living in a local white squatter camp called Munsieville where they have seen many lives changed.